Masters of Endurance

MoE Season 2014/15 complete after 5 rounds

ineX Racing Red

Champions: inex Racing Red #99

Thanks to all drivers, teams, viewers and sponsors who were involved.

Rules – 2014/15 season

Last updated: 26th October 2014

Participants are asked to respect the admins’ decisions and accept their rulings. Common sense is to be used regarding the rules - teams discovering an unforeseen loophole should bring this to the attention of the admins, so a ruling can be made on it.

Team managers should ensure that every member of their team reads and fully understands the rules. If you have any questions or comments about the rules, please contact the admins.

  1. 1. General

    • Cars: iRacing’s GT3 cars - may be balanced by the admins with ballast and fuel tank %
      • Each driver only needs to own the GT3 car their team will be using for the race
    • Weather: will be randomly chosen within a sensible range and made public at least 3 weeks before each race:
      • 20-24°C (68-75°F): clear or partly cloudy skies
      • 24-28°C (75-82°F): mostly cloudy or overcast
      • up to 15 km/h (10 mph) wind
      • no or very light fog
    • Server farm: US-MA will be used for the races, with each farm being used for the qualifying session in that timezone (AU-SYD, EU-NL, USA-MA)
    • Text and voice chat: chatting in the @DRIVERS channel (including accidental use of auto text chat) is strictly forbidden during the race sessions. Teams who chat in this channel will receive an immediate DT penalty
    • Communications with admins:
  2. 2. Qualifying & Race procedures

    • Pre-qualifying: only the top 60 qualifiers (54 for Bathurst), will make it into the race (extra servers may be added to each qualifying timeslot).
    • Locked-in teams: after round one, the top 30 in the championship before each round will be guaranteed a place in the race, provided they set a time in qualifying.
    • Qualifying: 3 sessions of 6 hours length at 1600 in each timezone (UTC+8, UTC, UTC-8) on the Wednesday (local time) before each race
      • teams with a qualifying time greater than 103% of the pole position time may be denied entry to the race
    • Qualifying drivers: the fastest driver in qualifying must drive more than one lap in the race - if this is not possible, the admins must be notified:
      • If notified before the race session, the team will start from the pit lane - unless a second driver set a qualifying time, which their time will be used
      • If notified before the final 10 minutes of the race, the team will be given a SG + 60 second penalty
      • Otherwise, the team will be given a SG + 120 second penalty in the final 10 minutes of the race.
    • Race start times: 6 and 24 hour races will begin at 16:00 UTC, 12 hour races will begin at 12:00 UTC
    • Warmup: the race server will appear in the hosted sessions at least 30 mins before the start time.
    • Pace lap: the polesitter must hold a speed of 100kph +/- 10kph until the green flag. For races with a full pace lap, cars will be single file before doubling up in the final sector.
    • Race start: drivers must not overtake cars in their own pacing column before the start/finish line.
    • Safety Car / Full course cautions: will NOT be used.
    • Drive time: maximum 70% of the team’s laps for one driver in the 6 hour races, 60% for 12 and 24 hours. Laps over the maximum will be deducted from the team’s total (any fractional number of laps will be rounded up).
    • Classification: teams must complete at least 70% of the leader’s laps to be classified and score finishing points.
    • End of race: all cars should drive a cooldown lap and return to the pits. The top 3 teams will park on the start/finish straight for podium photo
  3. 3. Driving standards

    Drivers should give respect to all other cars around them, even those laps down - rough driving will not be tolerated. Any cases of rough driving observed by the admins, or reported as a protest, will be judged by the stewards on duty, and the team will be penalised if necessary.

    Incidents involving gross negligence may result in more severe punishments, including loss of points, loss of laps, disqualification, or removal from the series, at the admins’ discretion.

    • Qualifying: drivers exiting the pits must give way to those already on track, and drivers on an outlap must give way to those on a hotlap. Teams will lose their fastest lap if protested successfully.
    • Blue flags must be respected in a timely manner.
      • A driver under a blue flag SHOULD NOT behave erratically, or in any way that would confuse the lapping car.
      • A driver under a blue flag SHOULD keep to his line and give way when the lapping car presents an overtaking manoeuvre. Repeated blocking under a blue flag may result in a penalty.
    • Yellow flags: drivers may be penalised for causing further crashes by not slowing through an obvious incident zone
    • Track limits: drivers should not gain an advantage by running four wheels over the white lines around the edges of the track, either doing so consistently or when passing another car. Teams who repeatedly do this may receive a penalty.
    • Driving with damage: cars with significant damage or that lack control and pose a danger to others may be called to the pits by the admins. They must pit at the first opportunity.
    • Connection problems: drivers with extreme connection problems will have their team notified and given five minutes for the problem to clear. If it continues, the team must swap drivers before they complete more than 3 passes of the start/finish line on the track.
  4. 4. Entry procedures

    • Team entry:
      • team name
      • car number: choice from 116 to 120
      • GT3 car choice
      • team manager name
      • optional: website, twitter, team information
    • Car choice:
      • a change of car during the season will reset a team’s points total
      • a change of car between qualifying and the race will mean the team also starts from the pit lane
    • Drivers:
      • minimum class C road licence and 1900 road iRating
      • a maximum of 4 people may drive the car in 6 hour races, with a maximum of 6 allowed for 12 and 24 hour races.
      • at least 3 people must drive more than one lap for each team in the 12 and 24 hour races.
    • Paints: each team is required to display two Masters of Endurance logos on their paint (minimum 150 pixels wide). Teams with more than one car must have distinct skins. Each paint should be 2048 pixels wide and contain these car-specific details:

    Paints must be sent to the Masters of Endurance admins - via email, private message or by sharing to the MoE email address on Google drive - by qualifying (Wednesday 08:00 UTC) before the team's first race. A decal layer for each car will be available and used on the broadcast or official images.

  5. 5. Penalties

    Driver changes, windscreen cleaning, fuel or tyre pit stop work is not allowed during a stop-go penalty.

    Drivers issued with a DT, SG, or DQ must not pass the start/finish line on the track more than 3 times before serving the penalty - otherwise it will be escalated to the next level of severity.

    Repeated violations of the same rule may result in a more severe penalty being imposed.

    A DT or SG issued post-race will be converted into a time penalty equal to the time lost serving the penalty in the race.

  6. 6. Protests

    Teams may protest on-track incidents in which they feel they have been wronged by another car. Use the protest form which will be posted before each race.

    • Teams may only protest incidents in which they are directly involved.
    • Protests must be lodged within 1 hour after the affected driver exits the car.
    • Any protests lodged within the last hour will be ruled upon after the race.
    • Admins may request a replay of a protested incident, cut to show the lead-up to and aftermath of the incident.
  7. 7. Points system

    Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
    Points 100 90 85 80 76 72 69 66 63 60 58 56 54 52 50 48 46 44 42 40 39
    Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Points 100 90 85 80 76 72 69 66 63 60
    Position 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
    Points 58 56 54 52 50 48 46 44 42 40 39
    ...continues decreasing by 1 point until 59th = 1 point.
    • Finishing points are doubled for the 24 hour race.
    • 5 bonus points are awarded for taking pole position in each race.
    • Normal tie break rules apply, followed by grid positions and fastest laps.
  8. 8. Service failure

    If the iRacing service fails, or a significant number of drivers are unable to join the session, or if the admins judge there to be sufficient reason, the race may be stopped. Positions will be recorded according to the running order on the last completed lap.

    The race will be restarted when the situation has been rectified. The time remaining will be calculated so the race finishes at the scheduled time.

    Gaps at the end of the last completed lap before the race stoppage will not be preserved. The completed laps from the first segment of the race will simply be added to the results from the second segment.