Masters of Endurance

MoE Season 2014/15 complete after 5 rounds

ineX Racing Red

Champions: inex Racing Red #99

Thanks to all drivers, teams, viewers and sponsors who were involved.

Standings – 2014/15 season

Final standings after round 5.

199ineX Racing RedBMW85902009090555
218Coanda SimsportBMW1004418085100509
333CORE MotorsportsRUF80801701676422
420Vortex SimRacingMcLaren66721166969392
554Team ChimeraMcLaren726014466DNF342
67Pure Racing Team IMcLaren76521206033341
741Glacier RacingFord6356387285314
810Ibérica Racing TeamRUF56100152DNFDNF313
98ineX Racing BlueBMWDNS501602080310
1126Team RedlineMcLaren9085DNF76271
1279Fenix Motorsports 1McLaren33421043450263
1335Radicals Online 2RUF233113254DNF240
144R4R MotorsportBMW483311242DNF235
1560Trinity MotorsportsBMW6936721537229
1653Team ChimeraMcLaren4427643360228
1712ABRacing SilverBMW46669214DNF218
18102Mad Cow Racing IIMcLaren1264434204
1959Pure Racing Team IIIBMW60DNS88DNS52200
2077Marlboro MotorsportBMWDNQ29742766196
2122Mad Cow RacingBMW2648461356189
2297KRT Motorsport 2McLaren4010683536189
2316Radicals Online 1BMW3569DNS80184
2491Team TTLMcLarenDNQ76108184
2584Hellenic Racing TeamBMW58DNF761040184
2670RaceMore|Kraut RacingBMWDNQ301002628184
2745New World Sim Sport ScarletMcLaren319605032182
2846nfinity eSports RacingBMWDNF11844830173
2944New World Sim Sport McLaren3937DNF5242170
3075ABRacing BlackRUF522196DNFDNF169
3125Monster Energy EnduranceMcLaren347582148168
3262Trinity Motorsports 3BMWDNF39DNF5672167
3378HAM Endurance TeamMcLaren36235439152
3474Flux Racing TeamBMW3724DNF963133
3593Rincón RacingBMW2918DNF2954130
36119CTC Racing 2BMWDNQ701838126
379Pure Racing Team IIMcLaren22464017125
3949CTC Racing 1BMW3235DNF3027124
4090Dream FactoryMcLarenDNF323640108
41126AllStar Racing Team IIIBMW8028108
4338Slow FinnsBMWDNQDNQ7824DNF102
4466Team Heusinkveld EngineeringMcLarenDNQ17*6238100
45112GTros SST OrangeRUF15*DNF633598
4627Velocidaddy Endurance TeamRUF5034DNS1195
4783Direct Clutch MotorsportRUF3854DNFDNFDNF92
4852Last Lap MotorsportsRUF5438DNFDNF92
4985ineX Racing YellowBMW24858DNF90
5019JCL SimracingBMW2558DNFDNQ83
5157LIT Motorsports IIBMW3020DNQ3181
52128Team Türkiye MotorSportBMW5625DNF81
53114Vortex SimRacingMcLarenDNF4819DNF67
5492Hi-Revs RacingBMWDNFDNQ6666
55142RML Racing TeamBMW372663
56134HAM Endurance Team 2BMWDNF5858
5796KRT Motorsport 1McLarenDNF2632DNF58
5867USCSR: Team 'Frenzy'McLaren4212DNF54
59136Mad Cow Racing IIIBMW46DNF46
60103Team Window LickersBMWDNQ4646
6161Trinity Motorsports 2BMWDNQDNQ4444
6247KustomImage MotorsportBMW2813DNQ41
63132GTrs OrangeFord50*3939
6469gotta go fast motorsportsMcLaren211435
65129GTrs AzurRUFDNF3131
663AllStar Racing TeamFordDNFDNF44DNQ2929
67108LIT Motorsports IIIMcLaren28DNQDNFDNF28
6863Orion Race TeamMcLaren27DNQ27
69113GTros SST SilverRUF25DNF25
7071Le Mans Rennsport IBMWDNF2222
71139Dream Factory 2McLaren2222 RacingRUF1919
73104Last Lap Motorsports 2RUFDNQDNQ1212
42Glacier Racing 2FordDNSDNSDNF0
122Pizza Mafia RacingMcLarenDNQDNSDNF0
82Friction RacingBMWDNSDNF0
30Demigrant DriversBMWDNFDNQ0
40AllStar Racing Team IIBMWDNFDNQNC0
11Coanda SimsportMcLarenDNF0
131JCL Simracing 2McLarenDNF0
21Unacceptable RacingMcLarenDNF0
24Radicals Online 3BMWDNFDNF0
105XO RacingRUFDNF0
88Coanda SimsportBMWDNFDNS0
115Direct Clutch Motorsports RUFDNFDNS0

Points system: 100, 90, 85, 80, 76, 72, 69, 66, 63, 60, 58, 56, 54, 52, 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 39 etc. 5 points for pole position.

Finishing points doubled for round 3, the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps.

DNF = did not finish, NC = finished, but not classified in the points, DNQ = did not qualify for the race

* Teams 3, 66, 112 and 132 changed cars and lost points from this round.