Masters of Endurance

MoE Season 2014/15 complete after 5 rounds

ineX Racing Red

Champions: inex Racing Red #99

Thanks to all drivers, teams, viewers and sponsors who were involved.

Teams – 2014/15 season

Keep up to update with all of the teams on Twitter, via the MoE teams twitter list, and by using the hashtag #iRMoE.

BMW Z4Ford GTMcLaren MP4-12CRUF RT 12R Track

Teams are listed first by those who have raced this season, then those who have taken part in pre-qualifying. Last updated: 1st March 2015.

3AllStar Racing TeamFord
4R4R MotorsportBMWR4R Motorsport
6CoRe RacingBMWcoresimracing
7Pure Racing Team IMcLarenPureRacingTeam_
8ineX Racing BlueBMWineXRacing
9Pure Racing Team IIMcLarenPureRacingTeam_
10Ibérica Racing TeamRUFibericaracing
11Coanda SimsportMcLarenCoandaSimsport
12ABRacing SilverBMW
16Radicals Online 1BMWRadicalsOnline
18Coanda SimsportBMWCoandaSimsport
19JCL SimracingBMW
20Vortex SimRacingMcLarenvortexsimracing
21Unacceptable RacingMcLarenUnacceptable21
22Mad Cow RacingBMW
24Radicals Online 3BMWRadicalsOnline
25Monster Energy EnduranceMcLaren
26Team RedlineMcLarenTeamRedlineSim
27Velocidaddy Endurance TeamRUFVelocidaddyET
30Demigrant DriversBMW
33CORE MotorsportsRUFc0remotorsports
35Radicals Online 2RUFRadicalsOnline
38Slow FinnsBMW
40AllStar Racing Team IIBMW
41Glacier RacingFordGlacier_Racing
44New World Sim Sport McLarenNWSSRacing
45New World Sim Sport ScarletMcLarenNWSSRacing
46nfinity eSports RacingBMWnfinityRacing
47KustomImage MotorsportBMW
49CTC Racing 1BMW
52Last Lap MotorsportsRUFlastlapmsports
53Team ChimeraMcLarenTeamChimeraUK
54Team ChimeraMcLarenTeamChimeraUK
57LIT Motorsports IIBMW
58ABRacing RedRUF
59Pure Racing Team IIIBMWPureRacingTeam_
60Trinity MotorsportsBMWTrinityMsports
62Trinity Motorsports 3BMWTrinityMsports
63Orion Race TeamMcLarenorionraceteam
66Team Heusinkveld EngineeringMcLaren
67USCSR: Team 'Frenzy'McLarenuscsr
69gotta go fast motorsportsMcLarenavrolled
70RaceMore|Kraut RacingBMWKRAUT_RACING
71Le Mans Rennsport IBMWOfficial_LMR
74Flux Racing TeamBMW
75ABRacing BlackRUF
76falconGP 1BMW
77Marlboro MotorsportBMW
78HAM Endurance TeamMcLaren
79Fenix Motorsports 1McLarenFenixMsports
83Direct Clutch MotorsportRUF
84Hellenic Racing TeamBMWHellenicRacing
85ineX Racing YellowBMWinexracing
88Coanda SimsportBMWCoandaSimsport
90Dream FactoryMcLarenDreamFactoryCrw
91Team TTLMcLaren
92Hi-Revs RacingBMW
93Rincón RacingBMWrinconracing
96KRT Motorsport 1McLarenKRT_Sport
97KRT Motorsport 2McLarenKRT_Sport
99ineX Racing RedBMWineXRacing
102Mad Cow Racing IIMcLaren
104Last Lap Motorsports 2RUFlastlapmsports
105XO RacingRUF
108LIT Motorsports IIIMcLaren
112GTros SST OrangeRUFGTros
113GTros SST SilverRUFGTros
114Vortex SimRacingMcLarenVortexSimRacing
115Direct Clutch Motorsports RUF
119CTC Racing 2BMW RacingRUFShowDown1983
126AllStar Racing Team IIIBMW
128Team Türkiye MotorSportBMW
129GTrs AzurRUF
131JCL Simracing 2McLaren
132GTrs OrangeFord
134HAM Endurance Team 2BMW
136Mad Cow Racing IIIBMW
139Dream Factory 2McLaren
142RML Racing TeamBMW

Teams who have not progressed through pre-qualifying

5SuperSport Racing BMW
13Team TortoiseRUF
17MadCape Racing TeamBMWMadCapeRacing
23vApex Racing GroupRUFvapexracing
32vApex Racing TeamRUFvapexracing
36Radical Racing UKMcLarenRadicalRacingUK
37TNT RacingBMW
42Glacier Racing 2FordGlacier_Racing
43New World Sim Sport 1McLarenNWSSRacing
48Broken AeroMcLaren
50RW TeamRUF
51Fearless RacingBMW
55Fenix Motorsports 2BMWFenixMsports
56LIT MotorsportsRUF
61Trinity Motorsports 2BMWTrinityMsports
68USCSR: Team 'Bonecrusher'BMWuscsr
72Le Mans Rennsport IIBMWOfficial_LMR
82Friction RacingRUF
86Hellenic Racing Team 2BMWHellenicRacing
87falconGP 2BMW
94Draft MotorsportBMW
98FRT RacingRUFFRacingTeam
103Team Window LickersBMW
107HPP Simulation RacingRUF
110Demigrant Drivers IIBMW
116Monster Energy Endurance 2McLaren
117Vortex SimRacing RUFVortexSimRacing
118Restart RacingRUF
120SasIng racing teamBMW
122Pizza Mafia RacingMcLaren
123Velomax Racing TeamBMW
124GripTv Nation 2RUF
125Rise n' ShineBMW
144Rush RacingBMW