Masters of Endurance

MoE Season 2014/15 complete after 5 rounds

ineX Racing Red

Champions: inex Racing Red #99

Thanks to all drivers, teams, viewers and sponsors who were involved.

Masters of Endurance on hiatus for the 2015/16 season

Unfortunately there are no plans for Masters of Endurance to return for another season in 2015 - we’re going to take a bit of a break from running the series. Currently we do not have the proper amount of time available to run the league at the high standard that is required. Hopefully the series can return in the future.

Teams looking to take part in an iRacing endurance league can join the NEO Endurance or GoT Endurance Series, while there's also the the official Blancpain GT World Championship Series and Road Warrior events to look forward to.

Of course we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in Masters of Endurance either as a driver or team member, in both Live for Speed and iRacing. Big thanks also to those who have helped admin, broadcast, commentate, or sponsor the series over the years.

Michael and Phil, MoE admins

photo: Round 5 leaders

Round 5 - Coanda win at Bathurst, but ineX secure the championship

6 hours of Bathurst sponsored by Coanda Simsport took victory by over 80 seconds at Mount Panorama but could not prevent ineX Racing securing the championship win. Coanda were involved in an lead intense battle in the first two hours of the race, but eventually stretched the gap as ineX Racing Red settled for 2nd on the road.

Both teams on the front row of the grid retired before the end of the first hour. VergilRacing went for a move on Coanda Simsport at Griffin's bend on lap 4, but contact sent them backwards into the barriers. Polesitters Ibérica Racing Team were leading when they lost control on lap 24, hitting the wall at the Dipper. They were one of 22 retirements from the 53 starters.

Watch the 6 hours of Bathurst broadcast on YouTube

Glacier Racing took their best result of the season with 3rd position. They made good use of the Ford GT's top speed advantage to finish just 8 seconds ahead of the battle for 4th. ineX Racing's Blue car bounced back from a penalty for speeding in the pits and passed CORE Motorsports with just three laps to go.

Thanks to all of the drivers, teams, viewers, commentators and sponsors for being involved with this first season on iRacing! We'll have information on the 2015/16 season later in the year.

Round 4 - VergilRacing make it four winners from four races

photo: VergilRacing lead ineX Racing Red

6 hours of Circuit of the Americas presented by VergilRacing became the fourth Masters of Endurance winner so far this season, claiming their maiden win in the process. Their strategy of making an extra pit stop to take advantage of fresher tyres paid off, coming out of the pits 5 seconds ahead of ineX Racing Red. A half-spin at turn 1 reduced the gap, but VergilRacing held on and took the win by just 1.019 seconds.

Watch the 6 hours of Circuit of the Americas broadcast on YouTube

ineX Racing further strengthened their championship lead by finishing 2nd, ahead of the rivals Coanda Simsport, whose strategy to carry out one less pit stop by fuel saving didn't give them the advantage they had planned. Radicals Online 1 produced a great performance to finish as the first car one lap down, leading home four cars covered by 16 seconds. Team Redline once again could not convert their pole position into a win, their race pace unable to keep them at the front after their fast start, and ended up in 5th. Glacier Racing had their best finish of the season with 6th place, passing Vortex SimRacing in the closing laps.

Round 3 - ineX Racing claim 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps win

photo: start of round 3

24 hours of Spa supported by Blue Flag Racing. ineX Racing took victory in the 8th annual Masters of Endurance 24 hour race after a near-faultless run over 602 laps. The 2011 winners took the lead during the fourth hour and triumphed by over a minute in a 59 car field. With the race worth double points, ineX Racing now hold a healthy lead in the championship standings.

The fellow BMW of Coanda Simsport was the only other team to finish on the lead lap. A collision in the second hour with a car rejoining the circuit left them down in 26th and out of sequence on pit stops. They recovered well to salvage 2nd position, 1 minute 16 seconds behind ineX Racing. CORE Motorsports took the final podium position, 2 laps behind the leaders. They kept their RUF out of trouble and drove a consistent pace to move up the order as other teams faltered.

Watch the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps broadcast on YouTube

photo: ineX Racing lead GTros SST

Team Redline qualified on pole for the third race in a row, and drove away from the field to lead by 13 seconds after the first pit stops. But the initial pace of their McLaren dropped off, and they suffered damage from a car which had spun at Bruxelles. Redline were still in a strong position, but in the ninth hour two crashes put an end to their race. First, Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola hit the barriers after losing control in the middle of Eau Rouge. Then 16 laps later their race ended after contact from a backmarker at Les Combes.

GTros SST's pair of RUFs qualified 4th and 5th, but both retired from the race before hour eight. Their faster car led 29 laps and were at the front of the field when a spinning car collected them at Raidillon. The lone Ford GT of Glacier Racing also retired after a crash at the same corner. They sat in 3rd during the nineteenth hour of the race but lost the rear of the car and hit the barriers.

Battles for positions inside the top 10 continued into the final hour. ineX Racing Blue caught and passed Ibérica Racing Team for 4th with 10 laps to go. Ibérica fought for a podium early on, but some penalties for exceeding track limits set them back. Behind them the battle for 6th was finally settled in last 10 minutes of the race. Team Chimera held off VergilRacing, who were unable to find a way past in their damaged car.

Round 2 - Ibérica Racing Team win 1000km thriller

1000km of Suzuka: a capacity grid of 60 teams showed up on Saturday 6th December for 173 laps around the challenging Japanese circuit. Team Redline took pole position, thanks to another excellent qualifying lap by Enzo Bonito, and led the field until the first round of pit stops. ineX Racing Red pitted early, taking advantage of fresher tyres to gain the lead on lap 32, chased by Ibérica Racing Team.

photo: Ibérica and ineX battle for the lead

Round 1 winners Coanda Simsport moved up to 3rd after their second pit stop, but on lap 62 collided with a RUF which had lost control at the hairpin. They required a damage repair costing them 2 laps and over 30 positions, but climbed back up to claim 18th position at the finish. Rivals Team Redline could not keep up with the pace of the frontrunners, but their podium place allowed them to take the championship lead.

Watch the 1000km of Suzuka broadcast on YouTube

At the front, ineX Racing Red held a lead of under 10 seconds for most of the race, fluctuating as they fought through slower traffic. The leaders made their final pit stops together on lap 144, and emerged just 3 seconds apart. Ibérica closed the gap and made their way past after ineX made a mistake at Dunlop curve on lap 160.

With both drivers pushing to the limit, the pair made slight contact under braking for turn 1 on Lap 167, spinning Ibérica to the inside of the track. ineX Racing retook the lead, but gave the position back later in the lap, allowing Ibérica Racing Team to claim victory by just 1.314 seconds.

Masters of Endurance returns for the 2014/15 season

Masters of Endurance is back - after more than two years away, one of the most prestigious leagues in sim racing makes its return! Five races and 54 hours of racing will make up the gruelling schedule, testing the skills of every team and driver in the 60 car grid.

Thanks to iRacing introducing driver swaps in their 2014 season 4 build, and with their library of laser-scanned licensed cars and tracks, we have moved away from the Live for Speed simulator. However the traditional 6, 12 and 24 hour races and our emphasis on no bullshit endurance racing will continue no matter what simulator we use.


Thanks to our sponsors Derek Speare Designs, iGP Manager, Blue Flag Racing, and for their support this season.

Top 3 teams – end of season

  1. 1st: $100 + 3x DSD Track Boss + iGP Manager subscriptions
  2. 2nd: $100 + iGP Manager Subscriptions
  3. 3rd: $50 + iGP Manager Subscriptions

Rest of the field – end of season

DSD Track Boss button boxes will also go to:
  • a driver chosen at random who has driven more than 10 hours
  • the driver with the lowest incidents per lap (minimum 300 laps)
  • a driver chosen at random who has competed in all 5 races

Round 3 – 24 hours of Spa podium

1st: £75, 2nd: £50, 3rd: £25 – courtesy of Blue Flag Racing.

logo: Blue Flag Racing
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